Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In The Beginning.....

     So now the question is where do you start? How do you begin to reclaim your dreams and set yourself to wake up in the life you invisioned having years ago, not the place you find yourself in now. As for myself, I'm choosing to start with my self image.
     Years ago, I was athletic, active, confident, and outgoing. The person that sits behind the computer screen now is none of those things, a mere shadow of a person I once was. However, that's all about to change. Although this isn't another blog about dieting or working out, it does come along with the "self tranformation" territory. So that's where my journey starts. As this goes on, I will start to tell you a little more about my personal life everyday, mainly for my own personal release but also to possible motivate people in my same predicament. With that being said, the first entry into who I am as a person is a response to a few of the comments on my first post (which are much appreciated guys).
     I'm not a gloomy person as the first post may lead you to believe. I have learned how to enjoy life and be happy with what I have. The point of this project wasn't to throw a pitty party and broadcast how horrible my life is and how I want it to change. It's not for people like that. It's for the people who want to make their tomorrow better than their today and are tired of talking and reading about it and who want to take action and move forward.
     SO, step one for me everyone, change in health life style.

     So anon, everything starts somewhere so for those of you in the same boat as me, what would be the first step you would take to becoming the person you've wanted to be?

Also one of my vice's I picked up along the the way "floating" around was poker. No not just the kind you see on t.v. but all aspects of the game. Be sure to check out some of my poker entries for anyone who wants to better their tourney play and all around ring game styles.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not Where You Want to Be

     Astronauts, pirates, ninjas, knights, all things that people want to be when they are young. When your a child you have the highest aspirations in the world, mainly because you don't know what aspirations are, you are completely and utterly innocent. You have absolutely no clue who you are or what your capable of doing with your life.
     For some of us, as we get older things become easy, we have a good run at things and have no reason to abandon our childhood dreams. Some of us get so caught up in the moment with ourselves and friends that one day we wake up and we're completely lost. As I go about my business day-by-day, the latter is where I find the majority of people to be. Lost. Going to school aimlessly, working at a dead end job, or doing nothing at all but living in the past and dreaming about 'the good ole' days'.
     This is where I find myself. Stuck in the past, unable to move forward, drifting through life without purpose. I have changed for the worst the past five years, and the time has finally come for my own internal intervention. That's where this whole project comes in, for me as much as for anyone who may read this. Expressing my thoughts has always helped me in all of my other endeavors, and with this 'progressive block' issue that seems to effect not only me but others around me, I feel as though I need to do everything in my power to move forward. Possibly helping one or two people along the way.
     So in short, this will be a log of moving forward and reclaiming the dreams that seem to be impossible to reach. A complete transformation of thought, health, perspective, and routine. Time to start the journey.
     Lets see if it finally works Anon.